In March 2018, a group of passionate undergraduate students interested in international development decided to relaunch the society on campus. See below for the past 2018/19 Executive Committee.




Isabella is a third-year BSc International Relations and History undergraduate who grew up in Prague, Czech Republic. Bella has an acute interest in innovative and critical approaches to international development, exploring its intersection with prolonged humanitarian crises, gender and social issues. She is looking forward to an exciting year ahead relaunching InterDev, and encouraging the LSE student body to actively engage with international development, enriching the society’s dialogue with their perspectives and arguments. In her free time, Bella enjoys travelling and learning new languages…this year’s challenge: beginner’s Arabic!




Frances is a third-year BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics student who grew up in Manchester, UK. Having frequented China from a young age, she is particularly interested in the political economy of developing countries, and is eager for InterDev to provoke interest in a wide range of international development issues. In her free time, Frances can be found planning future travels, reading random articles and watching movies. She is excited for the relaunch of InterDev and hopes that the events will inspire and educate LSE students in the upcoming year!




Sohum is in his third-year student studying for a BSc in Economic History with Economics. His passion and interests in International Development and its potential to act as a catalyst to help change the future, is what motivates him to promote InterDev as a global movement that can have a profound impact around LSE. He is really excited for what the academic year will bring and the new InterDev events, trips and talks that are to come! In his free time, Sohum likes reading, playing the piano and focusing on writing for his Economics blog.




Chris is a third-year BSc Politics and International Relations undergraduate who grew up in Singapore. Chris has a keen interest in exploring intersections and interconnections between different subject fields, such as between history ,geography, international relations and politics. He also has a special interest in studying regional issues, particularly in East Asia and South East Asia. As someone who has always been interested in international development, Chris is excited about being part of the team relaunching InterDev, and using the society as a positive movement towards creating dialogue and critical discussions about development between academics, students and professionals.

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Head of Events

Misha is a final year student studying BSc Government and Economics. Born in Korea tand raised in Kazakhstan, he has always been interested in how international development can bridge the gap between countries with different political and economic backgrounds. He is excited to serve as a 2018-19 committee member of InterDev and hopes that it will appeal to all LSE students, regardless of whether they are passionate about international development or are interested in finding out more about it! Misha is also passionate about research in the social sciences, refugee rights, Korean hip-hop and volunteering.



Director of PR & Marketing

Marion is a third year BA Geography student who grew up in Washington DC. With frequent exposure to DC-based international institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund she is particularly interested in the role that international institutions have in global development. She is looking forward to the relaunch of the society and is excited to expose LSE to the world of international development by encouraging the LSE community to engage with contemporary global topics. Marion is also passionate about international relations, urban development, and sustainability.


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