Apply for leadership roles for 2020/21

7th March 2020 LSESU International Development Society
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See below for role descriptions.

Applications are only open to current members of InterDev and those students who will for sure be at LSE next academic year.

Positions are slightly flexible, however you are held accountable by the InterDev Constitution which describes specific remits for your role.

Why InterDev?

  • Lead one of LSE’s medium-sized societies that also has an SU Gold Star award. We had 200 members in 2018/19, and have currently more than 300 in 2020/21.
  • Learn more about development and job opportunities in the sector, network with professionals (i.e. our speakers) and future professionals (i.e. our members and committee!)

Why an executive position?

  • Prove yourself
  • Hone general skills like general organisation, time management
  • Hone skills specific to the role, e.g. leadership skills by leading a subcommittee (Head of Research, Head of Events, two Co-Directors of the London Development Symposium)
  • Network with other societies and their leaders
  • Make like-minded friends

The positions require constant effort from April 2020 until March 2021, including making time in your schedule for attending biweekly 1-hour meetings.

The Election is taking place online via the LSESU website here – and the dates for nominations and voting are below. 


  • Open: Monday 9th March 9am
  • Close: Thursday 19th March (midnight)


  • Open: Monday 23rd March 12pm
  • Close: Tuesday 31st March (midnight)


The President’s role is to oversee the society’s activities as a whole. You’re responsible for developing ideas to guide InterDev and our activities into the coming year. In addition, you have responsibility for maintaining relations with the Students’ Union, from ensuring compliance to communicating with relevant officers on society activities. You take charge of managing your team and ensuring everyone is contributing and involved (which is definitely easier said than done). Plus, formal/informal outreach and maintaining partnerships comprises a very time-consuming part of your role. Some responsibilities super specific, and contingent on your team’s involvement: for example, writing an event proposal form to the SU, organising an event yourself, or making sure we win SU STARS. Versatility is key.

Ideally, the President should be very enthusiastic and willing to devote lots of time and energy to the society’s development (five to ten hours a week, incl. before Michaelmas Term 2019). Whether meeting other student-run initiatives or introducing an event, your role is unavoidably outward-facing, so it’s important to be a clear communicator and confident public speaker. An interest in international development (academic or otherwise) is crucial.

Has room booking rights (and duty!). Effort: 10-15 hours a week.

Vice President

Key responsibilities include supporting the president in the running of the society; this can include filling in for the President when necessary and working with the President in key decision-making and outreach (within the LSESU, i.e. to other student societies, and outside campus, i.e. with organisations or potential partners).

Also, you play a role in event organisation and management; for instance through liaising with outside speakers and the co-ordination of event logistics.

Effort: 5-10 hours a week.


The Secretary’s role on the Executive Committee is to act as a liaison between society leadership and society members. This crucially includes sending out the newsletter. In addition, you should be responsible for administrative tasks, including booking venues, sending out society emails and taking detailed meeting notes on all internal committee meetings, society meetings and events. Plus, you are encouraged to get involved and lend administrative back-up to event project reams.

The Secretary should attend all society meetings and events, and aim to devote a couple hours a week to completing administrative tasks. As an official liaison between leadership and members, your role is socially demanding and it’s critical to be an effective, clear communicator with admirable time and information management.

Effort: 5-10 hours a week.

Head of PR & Marketing

This position is responsible for managing the reputation of the society; this encompasses marketing events, messaging with individuals, and posting on our social media outlets. Essentially, the duty is to use media and communications to build and maintain a positive relationship with our society members as well as with the LSE student body and the general public.

The ideal person for the job is creative, works well in a team, and has great communication skills.

Effort: 5-10 hours a week.


Being Treasurer for LSESU InterDev is an immensely rewarding experience and will allow you to learn about the inner financials of the student society.

As treasurer you are responsible for the society’s finances and funding. Job Description:

1. Ensure the society is financially healthy and has funds to execute events

2. Approve expenses and reimbursement claims on 365Expenses app

3. Apply for LSE/SU funding (via activates fund, annual fund or similar etc.)

4. Secure sponsorship from an external organisation

Has room booking rights (and duty!)

Effort: 5-10 hours a week.

Head of Events

As a Head of Events, you come up with and organise events that would cater to the interests of our members. You liaise with external organisations and individuals, as well as work on logistics along with other society members. You also manage a team of events sub-committee who assist with the above.

Effort: 10-15 hours a week.

Head of Research

You organise InterDev’s journal, recruit a subcommittee of editors, designers and researchers, make sure we get accredited with LSE’s prestigious Houghton Street Press.

Effort: 10-15 hours a week.

Co-Head of Conferences (two positions)

You organise the London Development Symposium, which is InterDev’s Flagship event. It will run in February/March 2021. You liaise with external organisations and individuals, as well as work on logistics along with other society members. You also manage a team of events sub-committee who assist with the above. You work with external universities (we have an established contact with King’s College International Development Society and SOAS World Development Society). You recruit a subcommittee in April-June 2020 and start to recruit speakers in June.

Effort: 10-15 hours a week.